Bikechain is located at at 563 Spadina Crescent, entrance on Bancroft Ave. It is located up 5 stairs, and there is also ramp access. The workshop itself it located down 2 steps, with a ramp to help bring your bicycle into the workshop. Please be aware that the floor of Bikechain is very uneven.

There is no washroom in Bikechain The closest accessible washrooms are located in the North Borden Building. Located on the west side of Bikechain, there is an accessibility ramp which leads into the building.

Bikechain is a Do-It-Yourself space only. We do not do repairs for customers.

When you enter the shop space you can expect to be greeted by a volunteer or staff member (you may have to wait until one is available). If the workshop is full you will be asked to sign up on the wait list, on the computer to the right of the entrance. Your bike can be locked on ring and post parking at either end of the street until there is an available stand. If there is an available stand, you will be invited down into the workshop.

At the end of your visit, you will be required to fill out the log book, another computer form. We accept cash only for purchases under $20. For purchases over $20 we accept credit cards, but do not accept debit cards.

Accessibility aids that Bikechain provides:

  • All forms are available in a large print
  • A magnifying glass is available for use
  • Toys are available to occupy children (parents are responsible for supervising children)
  • Rolling backless stool
  • Books and diagrams.

Volunteers are present to answer your questions or help you figure out any problem with your bike. We are also available to aid in reading and filling out forms.