Tune-Up Appointments

Customers are asked to wear a mask and to follow all public health guidelines regarding symptoms and spread of Covid-19.
You will have NO access to inside our workspace
 or tools.

Labour is not pay-what-you-can, it is a $35-85 sliding scale for a tune-up.

Parts are not included. You can see our part prices here: https://bikechainut.square.site/

You drop off your bike at your appointment time. We do an assessment of what it needs and make an estimate for you to approve. If no special parts are required we will have your bike finished by 5pm the next day. Special orders will extend the time it takes to do a repair. If additional work is needed above the initial estimate we will phone/email you and get approval before going ahead.

We take a $20 deposit for all Tune-Up Appointments. This is to reserve your time with our skilled mechanics and will be applied to your total. Appointments can be cancelled or rescheduled if needed. Your deposit will roll-over to your new appointment if you reschedule. If you do not cancel with 24 hours notice or if you miss your appointment your deposit will be forfeited to help cover our lost time.

What we do during a tune-up and added labour costs for extra maintenance needed.

  • Check chain wear
  • Clean and oil chain
  • Check/adjust rear wheel hub bearings ($5-10 extra for hub repack)
  • Clean/inspect gears on rear wheel
  • Check/adjust trueness of rear wheel ($5-10 extra for spoke replacement)
  • Pump up rear tire
  • Adjust rear brakes
  • Clean jockey wheels on rear derailleur
  • Adjust rear derailleur
  • Check bottom bracket, adjust if possible ($10-20 extra for BB repack)
  • Adjust front derailleur
  • Check headset, adjust if possible ($5-15 extra for headset repack)
  • Check/adjust front wheel hub ($5-10 extra for hub repack)
  • Check/adjust trueness of front wheel ($5-10 extra for spoke replacement)
  • Pump up front wheel
  • Adjust front brakes
  • Tighten stem bolts
  • Tighten handlebar bolts
  • Tighten seatpost bolt
  • Tighten saddle bolt
  • Tighten rack/fender bolts
  • Grease pedal threads
  • Test ride