Do-It-Yourself Shop

Come visit the shop where our friendly mechanics help you to fix your bike in a supportive learning environment. (Please do not wear sandals – closed toe shoes only).

  1. Walk in and check if a stand is available
  2. If a stand is available, we’ll help you set up. If not, we ask that you put your name on the waitlist on the white computer, and then lock your bicycle downstairs on the ring & posts.
  3. Wait. Read, chat, study, meditate


You do not need to make an appointment, as we have “drop in” stands. However, appointments are available for a one hour time slot, which might save you from having to wait for a drop in. At The Shop, you will have access to a bicycle stand, a variety of tools and cleaners. We colour-coded the boards and tools as per each stand, so be sure to note what colour your clipboard and stand are.

Currently we have 8 stands. During the summer months one of these stands is reserved for 1-hour appointments, which can be booked on our website.

shopphoto  WP_20140319_001

We also have a very talented Shop Manager, David Oliver, who is skilled in all areas of mechanical repair and tool use.

The summer weather is great for sandals, but please remember to wear closed-toe shoes when you come in to work on your bicycle! Protect your toes!


If you require parts, rest assured that Bikechain has high-quality, affordable products from our suppliers.

We also have used parts by donation. Unfortunately we don’t do exchanges or trades.