Free Bike and Lock Lending

How can I borrow a bicycle?

Yes it’s free and we made the process easy; you will need:

  1. A University of Toronto ID Card (TCard)
  2. A second form of Government-issued ID
  3. A $100 cash deposit (you will get this back upon return of the bicycle)
  4. To become a registered member of Bikechain’s rental program by filling out a form. This is easy, just come on in and tell us you want to borrow a bike! Fill out a simple form (there will be a quiz!), and we’ll get everything ready for you with no hassle.

Bike Lending FAQs

How long will I get the bike? We lend bikes for one week, with a renewal for a second week possible if you come to the shop and get the bike checked by one of our mechanics.

Does it come with a lock? Yes. Please don’t lose it or the key we give you.

Does it come with lights? Yes. Again, please don’t lose them.

Does it come with a helmet? No. A helmet is required by law if your are under 18 years of age, and we recommend wearing one if you are concerned about your safety, but we can not supply them for both hygiene and safety reasons.

Where are the brakes? Our lending bikes all use coaster or pedal brakes. You engage the brake by moving your feet backwards instead of forwards. This is similar to the bikes many people rode as children. This is also one of the more robust options available, which helps us keep repairs to a minimum and keeps more bikes on the road.

Can people who are not U of T students borrow bikes? No. We only rent bikes to current students at the University. We only have 40 bikes, and many students to serve.


How can I borrow a lock?

Locks can be borrowed for 48 hours at a time. We ask for a deposit of $40, $50, or $100 depending on the quality of the lock. You will get the deposit back upon return of the lock.