Shop user Code of Conduct

Sign the Logbook: Please help us track who uses Bikechain by signing our logbook.

 Ask Us Questions: If you need help, please ask for help. We have excellent staff and volunteers who know what to do in almost every bike situation.

Clean Up: Work clean and put tools back where you found them.

Wait Your Turn: We have limited time, space, tools and staff. When we are busy, you might have to wait.

Respect The Hours: We keep regular hours and we don’t store bikes overnight; if you have a lot of work to do, plan ahead and come early to get it done.

Be Kind: All kinds of people use Bikechain. Be respectful and courteous everyone, regardless of background and skill level.

Tell Your Friends: Bikechain relies on word-of-mouth to reach people. If you like using Bikechain, please spread the word, leave a donation or ask about volunteering

 Make a Donation: We offer our services and secondhand parts on a pay-what-you-can basis. Please consider making a donation, we rely on donations to continue offering our services.