Online Help

Welcome to information about Bikechain’s video/voice help service.

This service will be accessible Monday to Friday from Noon until 5pm.

Check back here before you email to ensure that the steps to access this haven’t changed.

We are doing our best.

Steps to accessing Bikechain’s video/voice help:

Step 1: Try to ensure you have the parts and tools to do your repair. If you are not sure what you need that’s alright, we will help you figure it out. We are also currently doing curbside sales of new & used parts, for more info click here.

Step 2: Phone the shop 416-978-6849 and while on the phone we will figure out a way to video chat if necessary. Likely either through Google Hangouts, Instagram or Facebook.

That’s it for now.

While not required at all to access this service, if you are able to leave a donation: Donate