Executive Director: Kelly Bray, M.E.S. (Shifting Culture and Ethics in Transportation)

With a background in both bicycle mechanics and environmental studies, Kelly can help you repack your bottom bracket, explain the city’s stance on cycling infrastructure, or give you tips for long-distance bike touring. Her master’s degree focused on transportation, community organizing, and environmental justice, a fantastic complement to the work she has done with several transportation-focused nonprofits. Kelly has been with Bikechain since 2012, first as the shop manager, and now as executive director. With Bikechain celebrating it’s tenth anniversary in 2015, she is excited to lead the organization into it’s second decade.

Shop Manager: David Oliver

Since David built his first bike in 2011 (Some of that work at Bikechain), so much enjoyment has come from his involvement in the Toronto bike community. He has met and volunteered with amazing people and has helped many people that would not otherwise have been able to afford to fix their bicycles. Meeting interesting people and creating an accessible space are definitely two things that David hopes to be able to continue doing at Bikechain in the role of Shop Manager.

Educational Mechanics

Charles Kwun Sau Chiu
Alex Townson
Gautam Garoo