Executive Director: Beth Austerberry

Beth’s favourite thing about co-ops is that they support every cyclist, from the new commuter with a cheap Craigslist beater to the person preparing for a long tour. Beth is a seasoned commuter cyclist, an experienced facilitator and an advocate for the joys of riding and DIY bike mechanics, especially for groups who often feel excluded from those activities (in university, Beth helped to get a monthly women and trans* night going at the campus bike co-op). She’s excited that she is supporting a collaborative space that allows participants to build new skills and new communities.

Shop Manager: David Oliver

Since David built his first bike in 2011 (Some of that work at Bikechain), so much enjoyment has come from his involvement in the Toronto bike community. He has met and volunteered with amazing people and has helped many people that would not otherwise have been able to afford to fix their bicycles. Meeting interesting people and creating an accessible space are definitely two things that David hopes to be able to continue doing at Bikechain in the role of Shop Manager.