2020 AGM

The AGM is an opportunity for members of the Bikechain community to talk about how the past year has been for Bikechain, to view the audited financial statements, and to vote for the coming year’s board of directors.

The Details:

When: Wednesday, November 18 6:30pm-9:00pm
Where: Online, Zoom link and call-in number will be shared with those who have RSVPed the week of the event
RSVP: bikechainuoft@gmail.com

Please note that only full time undergraduate students, full time graduate students, and part-time graduate students who have not opted out are automatically considered to be members of Bikechain. If you are a part-time undergraduate student, or if you are not a student, you must fill out this google form by Wednesday, November 6 if you would like to vote at the AGM!


Why come to Bikechain’s annual general meeting?

• You will learn more about how Bikechain works – it’s funding and governance structures

• The board and staff will report on their activities over the past year

• You can vote for Bikechain’s new directors, or run to be on the board yourself


How to Get Involved

• If you are registered as a full-time undergraduate student, or a full- or part-time graduate student, you are already a Bikechain member. All you have to do is rsvp and show up!

• Non-students need to fill out this google form by Friday, November 6 in order to be able to vote for board members.

• If you are  interested in joining the board of directors, please email bikechainuoft@gmail.com to talk about the responsibilities and how to run

• We’ve written up some information for people who are interested in joining the board. Check out the Bikechain Governance Workshop Handout!