Bicycle Fixit Stations


We are overcapacity, as our service is in such high demand. Through a generous grant from Mountain Equipment Co-op, Bikechain has facilitated the capital purchase and installation of bicycle fix-it stations. A fixit station can be used to fix a bike chain, pump up tires and overall, general maintenance without having to enter the Bancroft space. There are  multiple tools such as a wrenches, screwdrivers, multi-tools kits, etc. For novices, we ask that students visit Bikechain first to learn how to do the repair.

For the first-half of 2015, there will be 3 fixit stations throughout the University of Toronto campus located at: Student Family Housing, St. Michael’s, and adjacent to the Bikechain space on Bancroft. The latest addition was supplied by F&S. For the second half of 2015 into 2016, we plan to install more fix it stations. Please visit this page for an updated map and instructions.

The image below is from the Charles Street Student Family Housing.