AODA Training

Everyone who works or volunteers for an organization in Ontario that performs any customer service at all, must complete the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act Customer Service Standard Training.

Anyone working or volunteering at Bikechain must complete training within one month of beginning.

The training can be done online. Please set aside about an hour to get through the module. Also click on the audio files or the closed captioning, as that is where the bulk of the information is contained. You can skip the Content for Decision-makers section if it does not apply to you.

Then take the quiz linked to at the bottom of the page. We will send you a certificate once you have passed the quiz. Anyone who can provide proof of completed training is exempt.

If you do not achieve at least a 50% score on the quiz, you will be asked to retake the training and quiz. Anyone who has not successfully completed the training within a month of volunteering or working will be asked to stopĀ until successful completion.

AODA Training:

AODA Quiz:
Bikechain AODA Quiz